First Appointment

Today it all took the first steps of seeming real .. going to the doctors.

The blood tests have started (and heaps of them by the sounds of it), the questions and the choosing of the obstetrician. Tomorrow is our first scan which will be a good experience, hopefully find out how far along i am and with any luck hearing a heart beat although it is probably a bit early for that.

Who knew choosing a obstetrician would actually be a bit of work. Choosing which hospital, getting prices of how much it is all going to cost, then finding one you like but then choosing a different hospital .. too many choices! Oh and finding out actually how many other costs are involved that you didn’t think of.

Biggest part has also been if to choose a female or male obstetrician. I’m sure after having one baby it won’t seem such a big deal having a guy doctor look down there but for now its just unusual for me.

But tomorrow is scan day 🙂


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