Week 6 has begun

So yesterday I hit the 6 weeks mark yay .. 6 weeks 1 day today. The countdown is now on till next Saturday when i’ll be 7 weeks and we get to have another scan. It will also be my husbands birthday so i’m hoping we get to see a nice healthy heartbeat and something in there. At the moment it seems everyday is one day closer to the 12 week mark and the point in time that it will all be very real and we can tell everyone and it won’t be our little secret anymore.  only 5 weeks 6 days to go haha.

At the moment i’m starting to feel tired, its the weekend which makes it worse, two nice long sleep ins and only a couple hour after getting up i’m tired again, hopefully it won’t feel like this when back at work tomorrow or else it could be a long week. Other issue wise just a bit of a upset stomach and just feeling a bit of built up gas nothing major, if this is as bad as it gets its definitely nothing to complain about.

Counting down till next Saturday morning …. only 6 days… this pregnancy could be very long for my husband if I continue to countdown the whole way through like this.


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