We have a heartbeat!

We’ve had and exciting long weekend but now its back to work tomorrow.

On Saturday was my husbands birthday, first up we had another dating scan to go to. Its hard to not be a bit nervous about it especially since it was my husbands birthday as didn’t want to hear anything bad on that day. It was great, we got to see how much bigger everything is and we could actually this time see the beginnings of our baby and yolk sac etc. Was even more exciting that we got to see the heartbeat. It was crazy just how big it seemed considering the tiny size of the baby the heartbeat seemed huge! From the scan two weeks earlier we thought I was going to be 7 weeks on Saturday but its now changed and I was 6 weeks 4 days, so tomorrow i’m 7 weeks. Was a great start to the day.

During the last week morning sickness has started and all of a sudden I’ve been put of food. Eating breakfast is so normal for me but now I just don’t feel like it and during the day at work dry biscuits have helped me get through the morning. I just keep telling myself at least its just nausea and not throwing up. Hopefully it only lasts for a couple more weeks and then i’ll be back to eating normal and actually eating fast, it seems to take me forever to get food down at the moment.

We always said we would keep the baby sex a surprise but now all of a sudden we are deciding if we actually want to find before hand. decisions decisions .. we will have plenty of those in the next 7 1/2 months!

First obstetrician appointment this Friday .. don’t have a clue what to expect!


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