First obstetrician appointment 7 weeks 3 days

On friday we had our first obstetricians appointment. We weren’t sure exactly what to expect. We got to meet our doctor and she seemed really nice. She went through a few basic things and have plenty of reading material! We even had another scan too!

Baby has grown more since last week when we had a scan, still tiny but you can see how everything will happen pretty fast in these first few weeks. We saw the heartbeat again and it was 158, nice and fast! Now we have to wait 3 weeks 6 days for our next scan which will be the nuchal scan. Will be counting down those few weeks! Cant wait till that scan and to hear all is good and then we can tell everyone. We will have a week wait to see the obstetrician after wards but I’m hoping we find out during the scan if everything looks good.

We had friday off and had a night away which was lovely and relaxing. We also stopped at a few baby shops on friday and saturday too. bit overwelming seeing everything we will have to choose but it was a good start. Hubby was excited about looking at all the prams and he has already decided he has found the pram! Quickest decision ever!

As im only 7 1/2 weeks we don’t want to go out and buy stuff yet as we know there is obviously still a risk of miscarriage etc. I don’t want to think of what might go wrong but don’t want to go and start buying stuff now.

Only a few weeks and I’ll be 12 weeks!


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