15 weeks… 5 weeks till halfway!

so its been a few weeks since I think I posted… everything is still going smoothly and happening. All my symptoms seem to have settled down which is good and i’m slowly starting to get a little bigger. At the moment it just looks like i’m fat but oh well. hopefully in a few weeks when I see the obstetrician again i’ll have put on a little weight, last time id lost a kilo not gained .. eeekk. so I’ve been eating more food! and not junk as I don’t actually want to get fat lol.

we went to a baby market on the weekend and bought our first few items, all second hand but we got a play mate with music, moving swing and two small timber chairs which hubby is excited about.

Its now only a couple of weeks and we find out what we are having, hopefully baby is in the right spot for that! can’t wait, just in time for Christmas! Then after that a couple weeks later we have our 20 week scan. can’t wait to see bub again! its starting to get exciting, especially when thinking 5 weeks till i’m half way .. eek. oh and I worked out only 4 1/2 months of work left, now that makes it seem close! can’t wait.


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