19 Weeks 1 Day and its a ….

It seems so long ago since the day I found out I was pregnant, its all still very exciting that’s for sure! The last few days since Christmas we have started shopping, we bought our pram, cot, change table and car seat, have to wait a few weeks for it to arrive but it will look great once its in the nursery.

Hubby has been amazing and has started painting the nursery since Christmas .. I should say started cause hes actually finished! Now he’s on to painting a wardrobe that was my grandmas and a chest of drawers giving them a fresh coat of white paint, they should look great!

Just over a week ago we had an obstetricians appointment and she did a scan for us, we are having a boy! Its been my gut instinct the whole time so to find out it was correct was pretty exciting. We have now purchased a few blue items which makes it even more exciting starting to buy things.

I made my first blanket / ground play mat the other day. It was 36 degrees the other day so I turned on the aircon and gave myself a project for the day. It turned out great, is farm animals on one side and lime green on the other side.

I’ve been feeling pretty good not too many complaints just a sore back at the moment which I don’t even know what I did to cause it hahaha. I haven’t started to show too much getting a belly but its still pretty small, I’m sure i’ll just pop out soon and i’ll wish I had my small belly again.

In 3 days its scan time again, the 20 week scan. its hard not to get nervous each time it gets closer about what they might find wrong, if everything is not perfect etc but at the same time its pretty exciting getting to see bub again. Last scan at the obstetrician was pretty quick so we didn’t see much except for looking for gender bits so it will be great to see our baby again and this time in a lot more detail then we did at the 12 week scan. Will be very happy to see a healthy baby!


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