23 weeks…. Babymoon time!


This week has been a very relaxing week,  we have decided to go away on our last pre baby holiday.  We have gone away to the beach 3 hours away,  the place hubby proposed and the place we came for our first anniversary,  Yamba.  It’s soo  relaxing here,  hearing the ocean crashing,  watching the waves from our balcony it’s been a fabulous week.  Definitely had a good break from the normal routine of work and getting chores done around the house.  We have been here almost 5 days and it’s been great,  still a couple more to go,  including my birthday tomorrow.  Last birthday before baby arrives!

While we have been here we have been scoping out other accommodation and locations so that we can make this our annual family holiday once bub arrives. 

This week I’ve been feeling good,  not too tired, obviously getting heaps of sleep lol and feeling pretty relaxed.  I’ve been a bit gassy but besides that no new symptoms have crept up on me making me feel unpleasant or anything.

While we have been away there has been pay TV and I’ve been watching One Born Every  Minute.  I think it’s been freaking hubby out so I’m not going to watch it any more.  Haha.  I try to think of watching it as a way of preparing myself a little bit more about the unknown.

We have been starting our short list of baby names as we are going to wait till after bub is born to name him.  Choosing a name is hard work!  I liked the name  Oliver but it’s too popular at the moment so it’s off the list,  who knows next could be a boy and we get to use it then.  Our favourites so  far are Matthew,  Harrison and Lachlan.

I’m part of a May mothers group on Facebook and is really good as is supportive and others asking questions etc which is good for first time mums but there has been a few babies lost recently which is quite unnerving at different times.  I know the percentage of early labours,  babies lost at this stage is quite low but there has been a few since the 12 week mark.  You just don’t expect it to still happen by this point.  All everyone wants is a healthy baby and reality is out of a group of  200 not everyone will,  it just reminds yourself of how amazing our bodies are to be able to do this and how very lucky we are to be able to experience it. 


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