Hello third trimester

27 Weeks today! The start of the third trimester woah! Roughly 3 months to go till he’s here. it still seems ages away but at the same time it seems really close.

Babies room is definitely well under way setting up, starting to decorate and add the fancy touches, drawers starting to fill with clothes and hubby even buying clothes too. But we’ll wait to buy more since i’ll be having my baby shower in a months time.

I’m starting to get bigger now although I think I’m relatively small compared to other people the same week as me, just means I should get a extra month before being uncomfortable! It still feels so weird that in 3 months we will be meeting our baby but between now and then there is soo much to happen and labour to get through!!

only just started getting the dreaded heartburn and reflux and my poor hubby dealing with my craziness lol surely he expected it at some stage! But I’ve been lucky hes definitely been helping out with everything and been very understanding. Hopefully nesting kicks in for me soon and I get some tidying up done around the house. I’ve been too distracted with crafty projects. I’m currently making a plane and cloud mobile to go in bubs room 🙂

I’m sure between now and the next three months everything will start getting more difficult and aches and pains will start,  but for now it’s going good and i don’t feel to bad,  besides the end of the week when I just can’t wait for the weekend.


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