Glucose tolerance tests are soo fun

28 weeks and I got the joy of having my glucose tolerance test this morning and now it’s off to work! The stuff didn’t taste too bad but it was more the nausea half way through but I got through it and now I’ve finally been able to eat food and off to work I go.  Hopefully my boss is in a good mood today!

I can’t believe I’m almost 30 weeks eek,  getting close and only  6 weeks of work left! Bubs is definitely moving around heaps and I’m noticing more during the day which really reassuring. 

Hubby is busily getting jobs done around the house which I wish I could help more with. 

I’ve started noticing my bump moving higher up now as I’m losing the ability to bend over and reach!

I was on a bus yesterday and there were no seats so I was standing,  another lady standing asked a guy to get up for me,  first person so far who has realised I’m pregnant without me having to say anything!  Only taken to week 28 Haha


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