30 weeks today!

30 weeks which means a maximum of  11 weeks and we get to meet our baby! It’s getting very exciting now.  On the weekend we had our antenatal classes which were great,  we learnt alot of information,  got a tour of the hospital and now it’s really starting to feel real.  I know if I had to have a c section is probably be freaking out on the way in do hopefully that doesn’t need to happen. 

He’s still kicking away like crazy,  last week he was starting on the kicking my ribs which made me laugh every time.  He still seems to be liking the right side of my stomach as that’s where I feel him the most,  hopefully in coming weeks he moves into position. 

Just under two weeks till my baby shower! Very exciting!

I can tell I’m in my third trimester now,  some of the niggling pain has started.  First was the sore back at work and now is just the random few things.  Yesterday I was on the train to work and  a rush of sickness came over me.  It was strange I felt sick but wasn’t sick and my head felt dizzy or something,  I just felt off all day.  So today I’m home sick,  even though work is busy I have to do what is best for bub not what is best for work.  I think rest is what I needed.  Only 5 1/2  weeks of work left! Very exciting.  I’ve worked since I was in grade 10 so it’s going to be different not having to go and just being at home.

It’s all getting very real now!


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