34+3 maternity leave has started!

It’s now starting to feel real,  I’m on maternity leave! No more getting up for work!

Bub is still progressing on track, he weighs 2.2kg only a kilo more to his estimated birth weight. It’s crazy to think that in 5 1/2 odd weeks we will be meeting our little man!

Everything has been still going well, had a couple of rough days worth bad pain and of course they are gone now that I’m seeing a physio on Tuesday. Think it’s got hubby worried I won’t cope well with the pain. I’m hoping I will be okay, it’s different when you don’t know if the pain is something going wrong or bad pain, while labour you know exactly what the pain is!

Hospital bag is almost packed and I know if anything was to happen early I don’t want it to happen in the next two weeks. Once I get through all these appointments then I wouldn’t worry so much. In the mean time it will be good to get all these little things out of the way and one I’m looking forward to.. The maternity photos!

Bring on maternity leave!


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