3 1/2 weeks to go … And feeling ready!

Its the first proper cold day in brisbane this year and it finally feels like its almost winter, almost time for our baby to be born. Only 24 more days till hes due and now i feel like he can come any day and id be ready. There is still plenty of jobs i want to get done but none of those things feel like they matter.  I’m sure with saying this he will be a week later which then makes it sound like he’s ages away but for now i have a sense of being prepared.
Yesterday i got the car seat installed, the last of my list of appointments for the previous 2 weeks. Big thing i haven’t been able to do is cook up some dinners for the freezer but i’ll get to that in the next week. 3 1/2 weeks it really isn’t too long to go!
Different days i’ve felt rather uncomfortable because i’ve had swollen feet or i can’t sit on the lounge properly, today i’m feeling good though even though i was awake for 2 hours last night!! At the moment bub dosen’t move around as much, getting too comfortable and catching up on sleep in preparation for his journey i’m sure, i miss him moving around heaps but then i feel him move and it all feels good again.
hubby has been soo good with everything, hes been giving me daily foot massages and has been helping out soo much. Hes going to be a great dad and i can’t wait for bub to arrive.
3 1/2 weeks .. he’ll be here before we know it!


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