He is here! Birth story 37+1 weeks

Had a busy Wednesday morning with a couple of tradies at our place fixing stuff. Was feeling a little uncomfortable and sore but hey I was 37 weeks pregnant and is missed out on my sleep in!  Was telling hubby he joked are you sure your not in labour I said nah I’m sure I would be in actual regular pain!

So 330 hit and I was off to my regular ob appointment, I drove and picked hubby up from bus station in the way. We got to the hospital and at 4 found out ob had to go upstairs for a delivery. 450 she was back down again but another lady was ahead of me. While waiting I had been sitting reading magazines so hadn’t noticed any pains starting. At 5 it was my turn to go in.  I walked half way to her room before I froze, I was pretty sure my waters had just broken but it crosses your mind that you just peed yourself. Ob walked back out and asked what was wrong, I was the first person to have their waters break in the offices! She was saying she would send me upstairs but nothing would probably happen to the morning so after getting checked out I should be able to go home and come back in the morning. My jeans were soaked and everytime I would laugh more would come out.

I was taken upstairs in a wheel chair, bit embarrassing walking around the hospital looking like I wet myself. I was at this stage laughing by it all. I was taken to a delivery room to be put on ctg machine. They first ask why I was in a wheel chair lol.  I was hooked up to machine and she left me as I needed to be on there for awhile. Hubby was in 2 hour parking zone so I told him to go move the car. We were trying to figure out how I could go home when my jeans weren’t wearable.

Ob walks in and says she better do a exam to see how far I am, she is in complete shock, 6cm already! Apparently you shouldn’t be laughing or smiling by the time your there. After awhile I stayed getting pretty uncomfortable so they took the ctg machine off me and I went to the bathroom, everything got much stronger while I was in there but I wanted had and had to move, I managed to get back in the room but bad a strong urge to push, so back on the bed I was,  checked again and I was 10cm all within the two hours since my waters broke. I started to push but turns out he was facing the wrong way so I was actually turning him with every push, I asked for gas but was told I wouldn’t be able to focus on pushing if I used it, I just needed something to take the edge off the pain.  In the mean time hubby was on and off the phone between contractions as we didn’t have any bags with us and needed my parents to go pick and drop them off! We needed the camera lol.

Ob wasn’t giving me much more time or else she was going to have to intervene to help get him out as I was nearing the pushing for 1 1/2 hour mark. As he was getting close it was decided if needed a episiotomy (he wasn’t even that big of a baby! ) with this be was out pretty fast. So after 3 1/2 hours we meet our man.

Think I went into shock as I was shivering like nothing. I found getting the stitches made me jump more then the pain of labour lol. Was a whirl wind labour and didn’t have time to stop and think. He was 3 weeks early so a complete suprise!

Next baby I think I’ll be going straight to the hospital if my waters break. Glad it happened there not at home or else I would of been travelling to hospital while in complete pain as I wouldn’t of expected it to happen so fast.


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