Routine Surgery turned into Toxic Shock Syndrome Part 1

My bub is 9 months old on Saturday .. where has the time gone!! After having him I had a few issues with episiotomy stitches popping .. apparently it rarely happens but it happened to me … my obgyn attempted to fix them but still it didn’t work. Next step was surgery, there was scar tissue forming so I had no choice.

I was freaking out about the surgery as it was, having a baby was the biggest medical thing that had happened to me let alone a general anaesthetic and having to go in for day surgery! It was all booked in for December 22, I only found out a week before hand that I was having surgery. I was assured I would be fine the next day and more so by Christmas day so I figured no point really telling people. I didn’t want to explain what I was having done.

Monday the 22nd appears and I’m off for surgery, was freaking out a little leaving my baby, what was going to happen afterwards was I going to be sore, was it going to work, wondering the effects I was going to have of the anaesthetic. After the few hours it takes to actually get into surgery it was finally here I was relaxed before I knew it I was asleep and next thing waking up in recovery. I was told everything had gone good. I was in waiting in recovery for awhile before finally getting a bed in the next stage. I go in there and my doctor finally finds me. she said once again all went well. I had a bit of bleeding still happening so they put some packing in it to slow it down. I was asked if I wanted to stay in overnight… ofcourse my answer was I rather go home but if they thought it was best I would stay. They packed me with gauze for awhile home that would stop the bleeding. After half hour this was pulled out and the bleeding had slowed down so finally after a couple hours longer then it should of been I was able to go home. yay!

That night I was in pain which was to be expected, I had just had surgery! I hardly slept that night, I was uncomfortable, sore etc so the next day I was rather sleepy. Lucky my hubby was home and was looking after bub all day. He had gone out with bub in the afternoon and by the time he got home I was starting to feel unwell. First it was a sore throat, then dizzy and just feeling blah. I grabbed the post op piece of paper and all what I was feeling was written as things I may experience the day after surgery. I thought okay I’m just having bad affects. I think I knew something wasn’t right I started feeling hot and cold so I grabbed the thermometer and started checking my temp. I didn’t have a temp I thought all good then. Hubby was getting bub dinner, bath etc during this time. he wanted to take me to the hospital I said I was fine. He called the hospital but said I was fine if I didn’t have a temp. Hubby went about getting bub ready for bed but as he was doing this my temp started to climb it started at 36 and ended up hitting 39.5. in the mean time we had organised for a home doctor to come out. I went to sit up and I knew I was going to be sick, hubby said I looked flushed. At this stage we made the call that we would take me to the hospital. we called my parents to come around and I got ready to go. I think I only threw up once more so it didn’t seem to bad.

When we got to the hospital they said they were busy dealing with something so I would have to wait. hubby was pushing them along as he was worried about me. finally I get seen by the triage nurse and I start explaining everything. She hadn’t even heard of what a episiotomy was .. oh great. after she did a few things she took me out the back into emergency and took me to a bed. I remember getting annoyed at hubby cause he was taking ages to do up my gown and I was dizzy and I just wanted to lay down .. funny thinking back now about that.


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