Routine Surgery turned into Toxic Shock Syndrome Part 2

Next thing I know I’m having monitors connected, ivs put in my arm, bloods taken and everything monitored. I was being asked soo many questions with them expecting me to know whats going on but I had no clue. I was questioned by the er doctor about my liver damage that I hadn’t mentioned .. I didn’t have liver damage that I knew of, they were all just trying to figure it out. I started getting fluids and antibiotics pumped into me but all I can really remember is being soo tired and struggling to keep my eyes open. This was because my blood pressure was really low. It was down in the 70/something. They had put 3 litres of fluids into me and asked if I needed to go to the toilet I didn’t, this was a concern for them. it got to 11pm and hubby went home so that he could relieve my parents who were at our place. it wasn’t too much longer and I start feeling a bit more awake much to my happiness.

Wasn’t too long later and a nurse came in to say I needed a catheter cause I was going up to icu .. I didn’t know I was going up there. next thing my doctor walks in and she is all concerned. it was a routine surgery with no complications or concerns. Was the first time anyone had said the words to me ‘ your very sick and we are trying to find out whats wrong’. She examined me and found nothing of concern. She asked for hubbys phone number .. somehow I actually said it right! she called him to come back in as no one had called him.  he got to the hospital as they were getting me ready to go to icu. Things looked serious with all the machines they were hooking up, drugs they were taking etc for the trip up to icu.

When I got up to icu the trip through there was a little surreal. id been there before visiting someone not as a patient. it was 2am so all the lights were dimmed but there were plenty of people with tubes in them etc. I got wheeled all the way around and lucky I got to go into a private room. Once I got in there hubby was asked to leave while they set me up .. he was left outside at 2am in the morning pacing the halls not knowing if I was okay or what was going on. They hooked me up to heart monitors to check that was all good, they put in a new iv so that I could get drugs to get my blood pressure up and they were still pumping me with plenty of fluids and antibiotics. I had a nurse constantly with me. I got asked a gazillion questions again to try to see if there was anything that might of caused it. Finally after a hour or so hubby was allowed to come in and see me. It made me calm seeing him again.

Every hour I was getting my obs checked so there wasn’t much time to sleep but I was feeling much more alert and with it compared to what I had been in emergency. By 5am I was feeling hungry, considering I hadn’t eaten for 18 odd hours it was surely a good sign. The nurse went and got me some toast. I was eating a few bites and trying to drink some water. It wasn’t long before I knew it wasn’t right and that I was going to be sick. The nurser took forever to get something lucky hubby got me some tissues for me. After that I was given another injection for nausea and I didn’t eat anymore. I had to have a chest xray later which isn’t exactly comfortable after surgery let alone in a bed that’s filled with air.

by the time it was properly morning I had doctors doing rounds asking questions again. I had the Infections doctor come see me again and check how I was going. It still had them stumped but everyone could see I was definitely improving. Hubby went home and came back later. For the first time in my life I was given a sponge bath. I know all was out the window with my dignity and privacy but lucky I had a good nurse. My sister had come to visit later on and hubby was back. I thought I was feeling soo much better until I was struggling to keep my eyes open when they were there. Hubby was trying to feed me jelly and the amounts I was eating was the size of my pinky nail and even then I was struggling.

I was whinging to the nurses that I was uncomfortable. apparently I was the first person to whinge about the $40,000 beds. Later on a physio came to see me. that turned out to be the best thing. she asked if I wanted to sit up, I definitely did. First she just had me sitting on the edge of the bed then she let me stand up it felt great to be stretching out. Because I had a sore back the doctor checked out my back make sure nothing was wrong. They had been concerned my blood pressure was still low but after the physio had been and they knew I didn’t feel dizzy I was allowed to sit in a chair instead of the bed, it was soo much more comfortable.

They had been trying to get my blood pressure up to 120/something which it never did. it got pretty close but they decided mine must be low. that afternoon they started weaning me off the blood pressure medication yay. I knew before I was allowed to leave icu I had to be off that blood pressure medication drip.

That afternoon I was finally allowed to see my baby! hubby brought him in. it was soo good to see him as I hadn’t really seen him since the sunday the day before the surgery.. it was now Wednesday.


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