Baby Number 2 has started growing :)

This time 2 years ago I was pregnant with bub number 1. Now I’ve found out number 2 is on the way!

Same as last time I thought it was going to take awhile. This time I thought because of everything that had happened in December my body just wouldn’t be as accepting to being pregnant again but turns out I was wrong. It was a our second cycle trying and I was charting my temperatures so I was pretty good with not taking any tests. On Monday I thought this is it Aunt Flo is going to arrive and we’ll be on to our third cycle. I was wrong, nothing happened on Monday. By Tuesday morning I decided I was going to test. It was within a few seconds I saw it start to appear and there it was a positive test!

Working on the dates i’m pretty sure I am i’m 5 weeks today. One thing I have now remembered is the stress and worry over the first 12 months, just wishing for that magic 12 weeks to be here already but at the same time just wanting to enjoy it all again. I went to the doctors this morning expecting to need a blood test to confirm it but no instead I have to wait till I got to my obstetrician to get that all confirmed in a few weeks. Its going to be a long wait!!

Yesterday I was getting worried as I hadn’t felt any symptoms really but today they are back. I have nausea and a bit of reflux or both yay. last week the morning sickness properly kicked in at 6 weeks so it will be interesting to see what happens this time.

I’m excited and nervous of the next few weeks but once we hear that heartbeat there will be a bit of relief. I can’t believe number 2 is on the way its very exciting! Due date is 4th of July but as this time around i’m going to need a C-section who knows when due date will be probably anytime from the 13th of June since bub number 1 arrived 3 weeks early. There will be approx. 25 months between the two of them which hopefully is a good age.

i’m a


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