All the little reminders

We have been away at the beach the last few days.  It has been great, relaxing,  junk food eating… Exactly what I needed.  Now we are home again,  hubby is back at work tomorrow and everything just seems the little bit more sad.  What do I find in the kitchen… My degas and heartburn tablets still sitting around on the kitchen bench, they are now away in the bathroom.  A few things from the hospital,  they will soon be put away from view as well.  Then there is the pregnancy food I bought because morning sickness had put me off my normal  food…. Not sure what to do with that. Then there are the emails from baby centre saying how far I am along now… I was pretty sure I unsubscribed from those when I found out on Tuesday… Guess one missed the cut.

Tomorrow is a new day,  new week,  need to get back into normal life and my work I do while the toddler sleeps.  I still feel tired and shattered physically but hopefully each day it will get easier.


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