Feeling normal again

Its been a weeks since my D&C and I feel normal again. I still have crazy skin but besides that I don’t feel slightly sick, I don’t feel fatigued, I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel anything besides my normal self. It feels quite strange and almost a bit sad ……

Last time I went from being pregnant to looking after a newborn .. nothing was normal there!! now I’ve gone from 9 weeks pregnant to being not pregnant. It makes you realise how much you do feel horrible going through the first trimester. It makes me forget about what happened.

before it happened I was constantly feeling nauseous and hungry and not knowing which it was I was feeling. I was trying to get work done but I was getting distracted and was falling further and further behind. now I can sit down and just focus on my sewing and get a whole heap of orders done without thinking about my stomach 50 times. I guess its all the normal progress of things but it makes me realise that I definitely had pregnancy symptoms up until my D&C and that they hadn’t disappeared at all.

The things us girls go through to have babies! ofcourse if I had the choice right now I would rather still be pregnant and throwing up!


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