New Year .. new cycle :)

Its the 2nd of January, which is exactly 1 month since I had my D&C. It has been a big month that’s for sure, the ups, the downs and plenty of in between. Just the other day I had a reminder pop up on my phone for my 13 week scan .. I had deleted that reminder in my phone argh but no it still popped up. was a bit deflating.

I have started to chart my temperatures again, I wanted a heads up when aunt flow might come back and be somewhat prepared for it! It showed that 1 1/2 weeks ago I ovulated yay!! So I was expecting this Wednesday to be the start of my new cycle, but it appears as though its arrived early. wow that means a short luteal phase, hopefully my body just needs to get back into it again. On the plus side it means its a new cycle so we can start trying again very soon!! Yay its pretty exciting.

The last two pregnancies have happened on the 2nd cycle of trying so to some degree i’m hoping to think of this cycle as a practice one. I doubt that will be the case and i’ll be analysing everything haha. At least being the beginning of the year i’ll get on the eating healthy, being healthy plan for awhile. The last month I’ve had more wine and beers then the last year! Although for me having 3 beers in any given week is big haha.

I’m hoping I can now put the bad past 13 months behind me and that all this starting is a sign of things to come. Positive thinking surely helps doesn’t it?

Here is to 2016 and hopefully many happy memories being made 🙂



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