She’s due when i was due

I found out yesterday that a friend is due 3 days before I was meant to be due 😦 it makes me sad that it just wasn’t to be. She said she was 17 weeks pregnant .. that means right now I should of been the same and just about to find out if I was having a boy or girl. Its hard not feeling jealous about it but I guess these things happen.

Now instead i’m charting cycles again and waiting and seeing. We started trying again this cycle and i’m about 7 days past ovulation. I am now just waiting for next week and to see what happens. The past two times I have fallen pregnant it has been on the second cycle trying so in some regards i’m not expecting anything from this one but in other ways i’m hoping for the best. I don’t want to over think, over guess or anything but I know I won’t test early. If nothing has arrived by next sunday (my birthday) i’ll take a test. Or maybe I should wait till the next day so i’m not disappointed.

Oh this waiting game is crazy. I would love to be pregnant again and not being dealing with all this stuff but there is a small part of me that is actually taking it all in again taking in the ability to do stuff without having to worry about being pregnant just for a few more weeks.

There are a few birthdays in October but I would love to have a October baby! if all was to work out this cycle I would be due on October 8. and that is me thinking too far advance. As I now well know a positive pregnancy test doesn’t mean i’ll get that baby, I would have a whole few months to get through before I got the green light so to speak.

Hopefully my next post will be of great news!




2 thoughts on “She’s due when i was due

  1. I really feel for you. Someone on my Facebook gave birth the day before i was due. I now have a picture book of her babies milestones that i didnt have. Im happy for her but i always think about it. Currently waiting to see whether we are pregnant too. If i am, will be due 02/10 and i would love this also, my other half proposed on 3/10 last year so its a special month for us. You see, your not the only one. I have already been on the due date calendar. I cant help myself, always get carried away. Good on your for not early testing. I have been so crazy this time. I even wrote a blog about obsessive compulsive pee testing. Everything crossed for you honey. x

    • Ohhh hoping it’s going to be a positive test for you too soon 🙂 it’s hard I’m happy for her but just jealous. Last I heard they weren’t trying till this year so it was unexpected!

      I’ll have to read your blog on compulsive pee testing. I almost went and bought a whole heap of internet cheapy tests but I decided against it out else every day I would be testing!

      Really hope you get your positive this month!!

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