Is this really happening again?

So I had a bit of a shock this morning .. i’m pregnant again!!!

I had been charting my temperatures and I had what I thought was my period a week ago. My temperatures just kept staying up and I wasn’t sure why. I finally decided I better just take and test just incase and sure enough there were two lines!! I couldn’t believe it I thought my body was just tricking me. I think i’m still in shock.

I thought there was no chance of being pregnant so much so that I bought a 5 pack of tests!

It means my due date should be 7th October yay.

i’m still on cloud 9 and i’m hoping that I stay this way for awhile before I start to worry about everything and just the getting through the next couple of months.

Ahh how our bodies trick us and confuse us sometimes!

I’m excited, in shock, nervous, happy soo many emotions right now.



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