It’s all going to be over soon

Yesterday as predicted my scan didn’t go great. at 6 weeks 5 days all that was present was a empty sac. I was expecting it so I wasn’t exactly surprised or upset but I just wish that was it and now it would be over instead i’m still pregnant, I still have a baby (sac) inside of me.

Now is the hard part. I don’t want to wait for a natural miscarriage as we are going on holidays soon so I’ve opted for a earlier option. I thought since I had my d&c only 2 1/2 months ago I shouldn’t do that again so I’ve decided to opt with the misoprostol – the miscarriage pill. I go in this afternoon to get my first lot and I just really hope that it works and isn’t too crazy. best scenario is that tomorrow arvo when I go back I have already had the miscarriage and I can then just rest up. worst case is I then need to take another lot and potentially go through pain again. If it doesn’t work by early next week I think i’ll just have to opt for the d&c.

Ahhh this time around its the actual getting rid of the pregnancy that i’m most scared of. I just want it over. I wish I could close my eyes go to sleep and a couple days later it would be gone and I would be back to normal.

With all this badluck surely this can go right for me!!


4 thoughts on “It’s all going to be over soon

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I just went through a similar situation. I wrote about it and that’s what started me to get out here and blog. I want to raise awareness because miscarriage goes unspoken. Many women hold their feelings in like it’s a dirty secret. I’m so happy that you shared what was going on with you. I promise you it will help you in your healing. Keep your head up! I hope you get a rainbow baby in the very near future! Love love love sent your way!

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