Hopefully after tomorrow it will all be over…

Its been a few weeks since I posted, a lot has happened. I decided to have the Misoprostal (miscarriage tablets) to induce my miscarriage of the bighted ovum. At first it seemed it was all working and going great but now I’ve still got retained product. after waiting and hoping it would remove itself now its time to go and have a D&C tomorrow. boo! Its the day before so i’m starting to get nervous by it all, the thought of a general anesthetic is enough to make anyone nervous I guess. I just hope it fixes it, it goes all smoothly and then I finally get back to normal in a few days.

I was having spotting still weeks after it all started. When I add this plus the bleeding while pregnant I’ve been bleeding for 5 / 6 weeks!! ahh enough to send anyone crazy. I’m hoping I only have a week of spotting from the d&c and it will be over. ahh these things never seem to work like they should.

We have decided to wait a few months, get my body back in tip top shape and hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky. if this happens again I don’t know how I will cope, I don’t know how I could ever try again. I just really hope when the time is right it all goes to plan.

Now to just get through tomorrow and start the proper miscarriage recovery!

Here is hoping that i’ll finally see the light at he end of the tunnel.


4 thoughts on “Hopefully after tomorrow it will all be over…

      • Yes, I’d imagine so. Mine was done when I was already in hospital, it’s a bit of a blur. Sorry that you’ve gone through this before and so recently. Losing a baby really is the hardest thing xx

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