Onwards and upwards?

At the moment I seem to be all over the shot,  one day happy and rearing to go and the next just feeling a bit flat and unsure.

Today I went for a run… I’m feeling great now!

I need to make a decision do I start training for a 5km run coming up (the 14km is too long for 8 weeks training)  or do I just run when I want with no pressure.  To some degree I need a break from all this baby stuff… I need another focus.

This would be the perfect thing,  I get back into exercise,  I have a distraction for the next 2 months and maybe can even prove to myself that has I can do something.  My run this morning want long and it took me a about  18mins to run 3km hmmm I would want to improve on that heaps for sure.  To run the 5km in under  30 would be my goal.

To enter the race or not to hmmm decisions decisions


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