I feel happy and content


I’m not sure what has changed but something has. Every since I ovulated this cycle I feel content for some reason. Once I knew I had ovulated I’ve just had this feeling that this month might be it. Everything is just seeming right .. timing wise and all.

My son is almost 2 years 2 months and he seems to have matured a lot in the last couple of months. you can tell hes ready to have a baby in the house, he loves cuddles, loves babies, loves helping out with little jobs.

Me I feel the time is right, I feel normal again, I don’t feel ultra hormonal, I don’t feel angry, I don’t feel resentful, I don’t know I just feel calm. Considering all this next week is my babies due date, when I should of been holding my bub in my arms, its marked on our calendar and i’m not sure I want to see it all next month.

I feel ready. I’m ready for the challenge of being pregnant again, i’m ready for what lies ahead in the unknown world our lives are. I feel like my healing is almost done and its time to move on. I’m not sure i’ll be thinking soo positive next week if it turns out i’m not pregnant and AF arrives to kick me in the guts. Next Monday .. the due date… might be a bit tough then, but for now i’m soak it all in.

I’m ready to grow attached to a little bean in side my belly and protect it and nurture it for 9 months, I just have a feeling the universe might say its time too. Previously we have fallen pregnant the first or second cycle trying. Last month was soo forced, this month was fun and natural it just felt right again.

I feel like I just need to cross my fingers and toes and in 7 days i’ll be celebrating not crying.


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