Almost 2 months and nothing has really changed!

So I haven’t posted for almost two months, time just got away from me. I’ve had 2 more months of trying for our rainbow baby and two more failed months. It seems like its a never ending process at the moment and I really wonder when we will get our rainbow baby.

I started off really not confident this month then I went on to be really confident but turned out no luck there.

It makes me wonder is something not right, is my body just waiting for the perfect combination, soo many questions of the unknown. I know we get timing right as we work on the every second day approach.

I stopped seeing my naturopath after my last mc but maybe I need to start again, maybe I need my body back good again before something will happen.

Every month that fails it makes me feel a bit deflated. with my 3 pregnancies to date they all took one or two cycles which was really quick. We will now be onto our 5th cycle and it just seems like its taken forever! This ttc business is tiring! I know its uncommon for it to happen that quick normally but now it just feels a little cruel. We have now been trying for our second baby for 13 months and we are still empty handed and I still have a empty uterus!

One day i’ll be writing that its finally happened… when it does I hope it will be a lasting sticky baby!!



4 thoughts on “Almost 2 months and nothing has really changed!

  1. I’m in a similar situation. I stopped seeing my herbalist and taking her medicine early this summer. I got pregnant straight away in May and June (miscarried them both by 5 weeks) & thought ‘what’s the point?’. Now my cycle is really messed up & I became a hormonal mess so I went back to see her. The same month my cycle returned to being 28 days, my period was heavier and I’m a much happier person.
    I still don’t know if it’s down to her or if it’s coincidence but she always got me pregnant first time. I’ve decided that I need both approaches – the herbalist to get me pregnant and my gynae to keep me that way.
    It’s miserable isn’t it when each month you try really hard & do everything right and you’re left with a BFN for all your effort. You’re not alone.
    Good luck. Hope your sticky bean arrives really soon! X

    • Funny part for me is my cycle is the most predictable and regular that its every been, although lighter which has worried me! Sounds like a good idea having both involved. I think I might need that too, although I’m ditching my basal thermometer this month and trying to stress less about it all… will see if it works!! Finding that happy medium can be hard sometimes can’t it. I hope you get your big sticky bfp soon too!!

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