Waiting waiting waiting

Should it really be called two week wait or the two week torture?? I only ovulated on Wednesday but I have a feeling it will be a long 12 day wait to see the outcome.

This month our 5th month trying I’ve changed things, I decided to flick my basal thermometer (although I did pull it out to check I ovualated). Hubby had a grand idea and decided that dtd (doing the deed) every second day wasn’t sufficient and his suggestion was we needed to dtd every day, so what did we do .. we did the deed for 7 days in a row! if that hasn’t guaranteed little boys waiting there for eggy i’m not sure what will. I’ve also found things a bit more positive this month so far, I started properly exercising, i’m not sure if its spring or if its just i’m finally properly ready for this to happen again or what but i’m feeling good. Although I always feel a bit cruddy after ovulation .. silly hormones, crampy, hungry, refluxy yuck!!

To some degree all this change is the fact I’ve given my self till we are back from holidays next month and if we are still not pregnant its time to get things looked at, its time for a trip back to ob and gp to find what is going on why this isn’t happening fast this time. by then it will be 6 months of trying and we both don’t want to hit that mark.

This journey is one a lot of people don’t experience, it probably seems silly to a lot of people but to those experiencing it its hard its like time has paused and is dragging by soo slowly and right now i’m trying to distract myself to pass time quickly. Its been 14 months since we started trying, who would of thought it was going to take that long to fall pregnant with our final bub for our family. Who would of thought that in that time we would experience the loss of two babies.

I looked at the calendar early today and realised I should be 36+6 right now with our second lost pregnancy. Our son arrived at 37+1 .. right now I would of been getting nervous that we would have a new addition any day. I try not to dwell on the second loss, it was different, it was physically harder and in some ways emotionally harder but it was a blighted ovum .. there never was a baby.

All I can think to do right now and try to keep exercising the next 2 weeks and hope that it helps little bub attach and hope that the perfect combo has been made and that in 1 1/2 weeks or soon we get those two lines we really want to see. If AF arrives I just hope I can be strong and not have too big of a pity party.

I look back at old me all that time ago and realise how nieve I was thinking making a baby would be easy. I know a lot of people it just happens and they hardly have to try and hardly have to do anything and their are pregnant and they carry their babies to term but for the rest of us its not that fairytale storyline. Big hugs to all of you out there!

Whenever it is that the right baby waiting to meet us I know my pregnancy journey won’t be filled of whinging about not being able to drink and not being able to eat certain foods, it will be filled with worry, hope and magic … with feeling horrible at times thrown in!!

Here is hoping that the end of the month brings us some good news!!


2 thoughts on “Waiting waiting waiting

  1. I wish you the best! If it doesn’t work, get your FSH and AMH tested first (which assesses egg quality and quantity), along with your thyroid which should be under 2.5 for pregnancy. Some doctors will just throw you on fertility drugs without testing, which is so wrong and can put women through hell because those numbers are VIP to understand what your body is up to. And, of course, have them look at your partner’s sperm as well.

    Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, and those of us out here in blog land can share the things we wish we could have gone back and changed if we knew what we know now.

    I hope none of this is stuff you’ll have to deal with but wanted you to be prepared and know you’ll be supported either way!

    • Thanks!!

      i went to see my gp 1 1/2 months ago but was told its normal to not fall pregnant super fast (i potentially had a chemical pregnancy that month). i was told i need to wait longer and it takes healthy couples up t a year to fall pregnant. I know this isn’t accurate as most of these couples are also getting timing wrong etc and there is usually something underlying happening. think I’ve read most healthy couples are pregnant within 3-4 months.

      We are going on holidays next month so i’m trying to be all relaxed and not stress about it till after then. If i’m not pregnant by the time we are back from holidays i’ll be seeking further testing. There is a slight chance i have scarring from my last d&c due to some minor symptoms i’m experiencing but i’m hoping that if i’m not pregnant by then i’ll be having blood tests run etc and finding out whats going on. I’ve had my thyroid checked previously with my first round of pregnancy bloods and all have come back normal 🙂

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