6 Months

Its now been 6 months since we started ttc again and no luck. This month my body almost tricked me, I was a couple days late and I tested but I think I tested too early. I felt like I was pregnant had that tummy bloating feeling those mild cramps you get in early pregnancy that lasted 4 days (I never get them that early before AF). I was then going to test when we got home from holidays but while waiting for the flight home the mean AF started! The next morning I took a test just to be sure and a really faint line came up! I was really apprehensive about it all. I went to the drs and got bloods done anyway. dr agreed that its time to see whats going on, if I’ve had a couple of tests of the 6 months that have shown positive and nothing happens it means something isn’t sticking, something is probably going on. I have to call to find out my results today and i’m sure it won’t be good as I took another test this morning and it was negative. I just hope that there was a tiny bit of hcg picked up in the blood test enough to show something did happen and try to implant etc. Then it will be on to the world of testing, finding out whats going on.

The past 15 months has been filled with happiness and sadness but now its time to find answers, find out whats happening, hopefully beginning of next year will be our time to have a nice sticky baby and be properly pregnant. I’m not expecting anything to happen this year but hopefully 2017 is the year for us!!

Although there is sadness and disappointment that this month might of been soo close there is also a glimmer of hope that maybe now we will get to the bottom of it all. Find out whats going on. Everytime dh and I talk about it we always wonder if its because of my toxic shock and if something isn’t right. Reality is that since I was sick I haven’t had anything on my reproductive side checked, not even thyroid levels etc to make sure everything is in check which could be causing issues .. well besides the round of pregnancy bloods that I had both times.

Yesterday was also a big day … we pulled down mr 2 1/2 cot! its not needed anymore, hes officially in a bed. I always imagined it wouldn’t be pulled down, It would be moved back into the nursery but it turns out that wasn’t to be. We now have to figure out where to store a cot and a cot mattress till its next needed. He also decided he likes to climb the change table! Won’t be long before that is pulled down too 😦

hopefully within a few months I have exciting news to share!!


4 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. This is similar to me. I’ve been having lots of chemical pregnancies as well as a couple that only got to 7 & 8 weeks. People thought I was silly to test early because it was potentially upsetting but it actually meant that my consultant was able to suggest more accurate tests to pinpoint the problem. Now we have found out that we need a special type of IVF & we might have just opted for the usual type which definitely won’t work for us. I think it’s really good that your doctor is taking you seriously and checking things out.

    Good luck for 2017!!

    • chemical pregnancies are new for me actually, I think my issue is with implanting so there is probably a really quick time frame that they appear on pregnancy tests or I have dodgy tests!! I try not to test early for the disappointment but now i’m wondering how many more times I have been pregnant or potentially pregnant and didn’t know it. Will see what happens!

      hope your rainbow isn’t far away xx

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