Lightning doesn’t strike twice does it?

So two nights ago I was having some really awkward cramps right near my hip, they felt different to gas pains. I was having a little freak out yesterday so I decided to go to the gp. She was obviously concerned at the small chance of ectopic so she sent me for a scan.  Hubby came with me.

First was the abdominal scan which showed the heart beat and showed bub in the right place measuring at 6+1. Yesterday I should of been 6+6. Then it was time for the internal scan yay. It was the most painful internal scan I’ve had she was really pushing and making me sit up on my hands ouch. scan didn’t show much better best she measured was 6+2. I’m a bit devastated at that its almost taken away from seeing the heart beat.

I know the day I ovulated because I was charting. I was expecting to be maybe a couple days behind but not 4 or 5! With my first missed miscarriage my first scan I was measuring 6 days behind. The last couple of days has seen me start to loose my pregnancy symptoms. Friday / Saturday I had full on morning sickness (not spewing luckily) but now its pretty much non existent. bloating has decreased, gas is decreasing, nipples are still sensitive though.

My first ob appointment is next Thursday that’s 9 days away. i’m preparing myself that’s its going to happen again that there will no longer be a heart beat that something will once again be wrong with bub. I know its really bad thinking this way but why are my symptoms going again ahhhh. please please little bub prove me wrong next Thursday!!


13 thoughts on “Lightning doesn’t strike twice does it?

  1. I am the last person to spew advice about relaxing because I couldn’t in the first trimester and I’m still terrified now. I hope everything goes ok for you. I don’t know how Australian health services work but is there any way you could go to an early pregnancy clinic? Just to put your mind at rest? I about lived there to start with! Xxx

    • Thanks 🙂 Dr was great the other day and said to come back if I have concerns. Even if I had a scan every day I would be worried haha! I’ve had some morning sickness back last night and this morning so hopefully all still on track. I see my obstetrician next week and will get a scan again so hopefully fingers crossed all still on track and I can sightly relax!! Ahhh first 12 weeks is stressful!!

  2. Ahh what a long time to wait! That’s a big stress. These machines all vary slightly bit with their measurements. Hopefully the little one will be beating away merrily when you go for your scan next week. xx

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