19 Weeks – enjoying the cool weather change :)

19 Weeks today and when I think about my son being born at 37+1 it makes me realise I could easily be half way right now! eeek exciting!

We have started to move a few things around in preparation for getting rid of the playroom and turning it back in to a nursery which is really exciting. But first we need to get through the 20 week scan on Thursday! eeek. We had bad weather last week because of a cyclone from up north and it distracted me from my state of fear I was getting in about my scan. I’m counting down the days that’s for sure!

The weather has cooled down and I even have a jumper on today for this first time this year, its actually nice not being soo hot at the moment. bring on being cosy with my bump. I’m showing soo much sooner this time then with my son which is crazy. 19 weeks and I look well over 25 weeks .

All I want is for Thursday to go all good and then I can start really looking forward, decorating and all the fun things. for now i’m still that bit nervous that something isn’t right or something might be wrong. I guess i’ll never stop feeling that way this pregnancy.

Yesteray I did spew for the first time in 9 weeks! was very random. I can’t wait to hear my baby girl is okay! I have avoided announcing our news wider and if all is good on Thursday I think I finally will!

now hurry up days so its scan day hehe


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