13 1/2 weeks…2nd trimester!!

Been a busy week and haven’t updated! Last Thursday I had my 12 week scan and all was perfect!! Yay!

The next day I was packing up and we were off on our annual holiday away. Plenty of relaxing has been done and I haven’t been feeling too bad although I have a feeling as soon as we leave the nausea might be back! 

I’m still in shock that this is actually happening!! Come August we will have a new baby 🙂 exciting!! I’m still nervous about everything but holidays have helped calm me. 

Next week at 14 weeks we have my next ob appointment. It will probably be too early but it would be awesome if she could see the gender… Can’t wait to find out!! At the moment I think a girl and based on bub theory a few have said girl. Exciting to find out!


Lightning doesn’t strike twice does it?

So two nights ago I was having some really awkward cramps right near my hip, they felt different to gas pains. I was having a little freak out yesterday so I decided to go to the gp. She was obviously concerned at the small chance of ectopic so she sent me for a scan.  Hubby came with me.

First was the abdominal scan which showed the heart beat and showed bub in the right place measuring at 6+1. Yesterday I should of been 6+6. Then it was time for the internal scan yay. It was the most painful internal scan I’ve had she was really pushing and making me sit up on my hands ouch. scan didn’t show much better best she measured was 6+2. I’m a bit devastated at that its almost taken away from seeing the heart beat.

I know the day I ovulated because I was charting. I was expecting to be maybe a couple days behind but not 4 or 5! With my first missed miscarriage my first scan I was measuring 6 days behind. The last couple of days has seen me start to loose my pregnancy symptoms. Friday / Saturday I had full on morning sickness (not spewing luckily) but now its pretty much non existent. bloating has decreased, gas is decreasing, nipples are still sensitive though.

My first ob appointment is next Thursday that’s 9 days away. i’m preparing myself that’s its going to happen again that there will no longer be a heart beat that something will once again be wrong with bub. I know its really bad thinking this way but why are my symptoms going again ahhhh. please please little bub prove me wrong next Thursday!!

6 weeks tomorrow but it feels like a eternity!

Tomorrow I should be 6 weeks. Instead of feeling excited i’m feeling, unsure, worried, concerned and just generally not sure of the whole situation. What i’m not feeling is excitement which I should be.

Yesterday I had another bleed this time tiny hardly anything. I actually think it was from pushing my self while walking and pushing the pram. I have looked back at my fit bit and both times my heart rate has got over 140 eek maybe I brought it on myself.

I’ve been having abdominal cramps which in the past have been linked to wind but they just seem constant. I currently haven’t had them for a hour or so but it just worries me that something could be wrong.

I had another blood test this morning and i’m back at GP tomorrow. She said to wait a week but I wanted to see her before she goes on holidays so I’ve snuck it a day earlier.

The hard part is its not just waiting to hear a heart beat as I saw that last time but I still lost my bub. I’m waiting for the 12 week scan and for the due date. But right now it seems its day by day week by week.

Only two weeks and we go away for holidays. If something bad is going to happen I hope it happens before then!

my boobs are itchy, I feel a like nausea but hardly any it makes me wonder is this actually happening? but then I think could life be this cruel and put me through this again?? I feel guilty for saying I just want a healthy baby when I already have one but all I want is one more and then we are done. I don’t think I could possibly go through this for a 3rd time!!

Ah only time will tell. I need to somehow relax in the mean time but i’m just not sure how at the moment.