24 hours to go!!!

This time tomorrow morning I’ll be on my way to my 12 week scan. As of this morning I’ve really started getting anxious and worrying a little… What happens if all isn’t right, what happens if I get bad odds for downs? I think have every scenario covered in my head haha!! 

But I guess what happens if it’s all right? Will I finally be able to relax and really start to enjoy being pregnant and our holiday next week! 

It’s going to be a long day wondering and worrying. Atleast I have the fact that I’ve been feeling rubbish and it should be a really good sign! 

Please be all good bub!!!!!


12 Weeks :)

Definitely a exciting moment hitting 12 weeks and on the weekend we had our scan. Was amazing seeing the little one bouncing around, moving around in there and seeing the arms and legs moving around. After waiting a few days we found out everything is all good with bub so we are now over the moon and have started telling more people. Its very exciting telling people and sharing our wonderful news.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a few ordinary mornings of morning sickness but hopefully now its coming to and end. Finally being able to eat a lot of foods again, eating cereal again who knew id appreciate that so much. And my hunger is back! now i’m noticing i’m getting hungry a bit more then usual so its all starting now 🙂

Can’t say i’m showing yet but i’m definitely starting to fill out as such so it will be exciting to see what changes over the next few weeks and months.

Even though I always worry too much over little things i’m sure I will over the next few months but in the end when its all good its its such a happy feeling and right now i’m definitely enjoying the over the moon feeling 🙂 can’t wait for the experience of the next 26 weeks 🙂